Estate planning protection for your family and your property

  • Wills and Trusts can provide for the education of your children.
  • Medicaid planning can protect a life time of work and savings from being depleted in a nursing home.
  • Estate Administration can save family money and insure the deceased wishes are followed.
  • Adult Guardianship can protect seniors from financial fraud.

I graduated Law school in 1977. Married to Carol for more than thirty years. We have two sons, Christopher a Navy Pilot, and Rick a radiology technician at Greene Memorial Hospital. Both boys are married and we have two grandchildren, Abby 6 and Luke 4.

Joined the AF Reserve in 1971 enlisted. Commissioned in the AF Judge Advocate’s Corps and was assigned to Wright-Patterson AFB. I’ve been both the Base Defense Counsel and a Staff Judge Advocate. Retired in 1991.

Been in private general practice since 1981. Have represented criminal cases from petty theft to murder. Much of my practice has been representing military and civilians from Wright-Patt in divorce, bankruptcy, criminal and administrative cases.

Richard T. Brown